Zero Cost

Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for industry and commerce to maximise on the benefits of wind energy. Therefore, we supply all the skills and finance required to develop your project, making it a fully funded, zero risk, zero capital way to generate green energy.

Zero Risk

Wind Direct fund all the development costs. We take all the risk on the cost of applying for planning permission, wind monitoring and electrical connection, which could be up to £150,000 per site.

We only proceed to planning with sites which have a good business case and a good chance of getting approved.

With a 80% planning success rate in the last 10 years, you can be assured of a professional and dedicated commitment to producing green electricity for commercial and business use.

Zero Capital

We have funding ready for your wind turbine(s).

The total project cost of installing a 2MW wind turbine is approximately £3m but you do not need to make any capital outlay.

Funding is ready for your project the moment planning consent is granted, avoiding the normal project delays and ensuring savings at the earliest opportunity.