Wind Turbine Consent

There are three key stages in the process for gaining consent for your commercial wind turbine, as outlined below. The first step is to conduct a free desk top study, which we will do before visiting you: 

A free feasibility study into your site

The desktop study will examine all the constraints on your site and determine whether there is a flow of good wind, together with space for a wind turbine.

During the construction phase we need a space of about 15m x 15m for the wind turbine installation, however once complete, a wind turbine only takes up the equivalent of a few car parking spaces and the surrounding area can normally be returned to its original use.

We look at all such constraints that can reduce the useable space for wind turbines; such as dwellings, airports and any areas of ecological or cultural heritage value. 

Get buy-in from key people

The cost-benefits of wind energy are proven, but it's critical to have buy-in from influential people in your organisation right at the beginning and we can often support and facilitate this process.

Once your project goes public, where appropriate, we can launch a dedicated project website to facilitate first class public consultation and communication.

Apply for planning permission

Before we submit the planning application, we prepare all the supporting documentation and work together with you in managing community relations. Consultations are made with various bodies such as the MoD, airports and the RSPB. We also carry out a number of in-depth studies looking at site design, turbine selection from leading wind turbine manufacturers, wind monitoring and environmental impacts.