Wind Turbine Installation

Once planning consent has been achieved, the project enters a pre-construction phase to finalise designs and all agreements.

Finalise civil and electrical designs

In parallel with the planning process, our construction and electrical engineers will visit your site to identify any likely issues with the wind turbine installation. We are used to dealing with the complexity of connecting into your on-site electrical infrastructure, which like each step, requires specialist expertise and we have this in-house.

Draw up commercial agreements

Our commercial team draw up all the necessary agreements for the project development, the lease on the land and the power purchase agreement.

Construct and energise

This stage involves the physical construction of the turbine foundation, managing installation of the turbine, and connecting it into your site’s electrical system. Through close liaison, we minimise the disruption to your activities during the wind turbine installation phase, whilst ensuring the health and safety of your staff and the public at all times.